Three habits that could improve your health

If you're feeling run-down, sluggish and generally a bit worse for wear, it might be time to make some lifestyle changes. Introducing just a few new healthy habits could dramatically improve your quality of life and reduce the likelihood of more serious medical issues cropping up as you get older. Add short bouts of exercise Almost everyone is aware of how beneficial exercise is for their health. However, knowing the upsides of physical activity isn't always enough to motivate a person to put on their gym clothes and get moving, particularly in cases where the person in question already has a very busy daily schedule. [Read More]

Recovery At Home: Things To Expect After Radical Prostatectomy And Tips On How To Manage Them

A radical prostatectomy is involving as it includes the removal of not only the prostate gland, but also the surrounding tissue. After the prostate cancer surgery, you may experience challenges and it's therefore necessary to be fully informed about the challenges and possible solutions to these challenges. Below is an outline of common post radical prostatectomy challenges and tips on how to manage them. Exercise Difficulty Although after hospital discharge you may be quite strong, and probably able to move around, you shouldn't engage in some exercises. [Read More]

Spotting the Signs of Skin Cancer: As Easy As ABCDE

Skin cancer is a big concern for Australians. Two thirds of people are diagnosed with the disease by the time they are 70, which makes it one of the most common cancers. Thankfully, skin cancer is treatable, as long as it is caught early. How to Spot Skin Cancer It's important to check all parts of your body regularly for signs of skin cancer. Use a mirror or another person to check your back and the back of your head. [Read More]

Hearing Difficulty? 4 Adaptable Strategies For First-Time Users To Feel Comfortable In Hearing Aids

If you're planning to get hearing aids for the first time, then be prepared to feel uncomfortable at first because it takes a while to adapt to your very first pair. This guide is designed to help you with adaptable strategies in your quest to feel comfortable in your first ever hearing aids. Begin Gradually With Lower Volumes Most hearing loss typically occurs over a period of time, so the sound around you will start getting muted before you decide to get hearing aids. [Read More]